Exercise More to Gain Fat Loss

A common thing that we should already know is – getting a six pack starts with losing your fat. And it can happen through a sensible exercise routine.

The exercises that you do every day can help you in shedding the pounds quickly and burn the fat that is covering your stomach muscles. As exercise takes your time gradually, make gradual lifestyle changes for yourself.

If you don’t exercise at least a bit then I can’t tell you to go in front of the mirror and waiting your muscle to build by themselves!

You lose fat by burning off a lot of calories than you eat and to burn off these calories you have to do a minimum of 30 min of cardiovascular exercise each day.

Why Each Day?

The real reason why you need to exercise each day is because you burn off lots of calories while you are exercising and in the same time elevating your metabolic rate. This means you help you body to burn off additional calories the for the next hours of the day too! This is called the fat afterburner result.

What Type of Exercise?

For most people, walking is the best type of exercise because it is straightforward, enjoyable, and low risk of injury. For certain group of people with intense desire, jogging or swimming can be the alternative nice decisions for cardiovascular exercise. You can also use HIIT, hybrid workouts, or play sports for your workouts.

Consult with Your Doctor

It is a smart decision to consult with your doctor before beginning any exercise program as your target rates could differ from your own ability due to your medical conditions. For example cycling can be a good choice of exercise but you will have to push yourself to move very fast and might have side effect if it is not suitable with your body.

Weight Lifting

Weight lifting is a good choice for exercise too as it can burn off calories and helps in increasing your muscle mass which increases your basic metabolic rate. The additional muscular you got, the easier it is to remain ripped!

Fat Burning Zone

Running, cycling, swimming, and high intensity sports like basketball, tennis and soccer that depend upon short fast sprints are prime choices within the list of cardio exercises. However the key to all of them is reaching your “fat burning zone” as this is the time when your body seriously begins to burn the stored fat reserves and reveal your super six pack.

Let’s see an easy 5 minutes six pack abs exercise that you can implement:

  • Lie on the ground together with your knees bent 90 degrees with the soles of your feet touching the ground.
  • Cross your arms over your chest and look straight up to the ceiling.
  • Crunch up halfway.
  • Breath out when you are doing therefore and contract your abs the complete time.
  • Breath in after you go down.

Do this exercise 10 times and rest 2-3 minutes or less before doing next set of this exercise. Do at least 3 sets per time. Have fun and enjoy the result!


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