Nasrul Hanis

Exercise More to Gain Fat Loss

A common thing that we should already know is – getting a six pack starts with losing your fat. And it can happen through a sensible exercise routine. The exercises that you do every day can help you in shedding the pounds quickly and burn the fat that is covering your stomach muscles. As exercise [...]

Reaching Your Fitness Goals in 2012

Fitness is one among the high Resolutions for 2012. However it’s important to contemplate what past resolutions you have created and what the end result was.

How To Simply Take Charge of Your Blood Pressure

Unhealthy blood pressure can be a real problem. It’s a “silent killer” that can impact your heart and brain health, blood sugar balance, cholesterol metabolism, kidney operation and a lot more. Yes – blood pressure is a crucial component once we are talking regarding daily fitness! And that’s why it’s so important to keep your [...]

Can We Really Trust Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard?

There are in fact too much supplements over the market of supplement industry. And yes – it is quite hard to find the best one. However in this article I would like to recommend one of the reputable choices which is Optimum Nutrition. However I received a big question when suggesting this product – can [...]

Doing Exercise in Improving Your Fitness

In fact a lot of people do the same workout routine, but it’s for totally different reasons. Whatever your reason is, keep that reason for your motivation in improving your fitness. Exercise will be tough for a few people, especially those who have weakened back muscles, arm muscles or are overweight. In fact, some people [...]