February 2015

Common Health Complaints That Affect People In Their Late 20s

Most people would love if they stayed healthy for their entire lives. However, that simply isn’t realistic. No matter how much you try to look after your body, the chances are you will become ill at some point in the future. Some of you will reach that stage earlier than others, and so it’s important [...]

The Simple Guide to Eradicate Neck Pain

Neck pain is one of the worst kinds of pain. It can seriously hinder your daily life and stop you from doing things that you love. Luckily, getting rid of neck pain doesn’t need to be too difficult. This simple guide will talk you through what to do if you begin to suffer with this [...]

7 Naughty Foods To Cut Out Of Your Diet If You Want To Lose Weight

Losing weight can feel like an ongoing battle with your body. If you are carrying more fat than you should be, you need to make a drastic change to your diet. Your fitness will never peak if you eat things that make you gain weight. All the exercise in the world can’t substitute a healthy [...]

Fun Exercise And Weight Loss Tips

Making exercise fun is one of the key ways to ensure that you stick to it. Creating an exercise regime that works for you is the best way to start the year with a healthy and positive outlook. Your body is capable of so much more than you give it credit for, so don’t be [...]

Cycling to Lose Weight

Cycling is one of the best exercises to help you lose weight and maintain health as calories burned a lot during cycling. Thus – cycling can help you to achieve your weight loss goals. Depending on body weight and level of your cycling activities, you can burn between 75-670 additional calories during a 30 minutes cycles session. 10mph [...]