How To Simply Take Charge of Your Blood Pressure

Unhealthy blood pressure can be a real problem.

It’s a “silent killer” that can impact your heart and brain health, blood sugar balance, cholesterol metabolism, kidney operation and a lot more.

Yes – blood pressure is a crucial component once we are talking regarding daily fitness! And that’s why it’s so important to keep your blood pressure in the normal range.

The problem is… how can you measure your blood pressure daily – by yourself?

The answer is here: By using Withings Blood Pressure Monitor!

Well, let’s see some of the amazing features and descriptions of this cool stuff.

How To Use?

Wrap the cuff around your arm and then lining up the reader along your bicep. Jack within the cable of your iOS and therefore the Withings app will launches automatically. Press a massive, green on-screen button helpfully labeled Start, and the cuff automatically inflates and deflates, reading your systolic and diastolic pressure along the approach, and displaying your heart rate. Once the reading, a Done button seems onscreen. Touch it and you’ll be able to read your blood pressure history. Done!

Sharing Your Blood Pressure Details

One more nice features is sharing. It is straightforward where it emails an inventory of your readings to your doctor, or automatically sends your knowledge to databases on Google Health or Microsoft Health Vault. You can also share your daily readings on Facebook or Twitter if you feel that you would like to share your blood pressure history with your friends and followers.

Should I Buy?

So now you might think – should I buy this Withings Smart Blood Pressure Monitor? If you own any of the iOS device – yes, why not! It can appeal to iPhone, iPod bit, or iPad where users trying for an attractively designed blood pressure testing system with long-term result tracking and statistical integration with alternative Withings devices.

If you’ve got been told by your doctor or health team to monitor your blood pressure daily or certain period of time, or you have a family history of hypertension, or just want to simply do a quantified-self type into life tracking by yourself – this can be a reasonably awesome-superb device!

Take Charge of Your Blood Pressure Now


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  1. Interesting read Nasrul. Thanks for posting. Blood pressure is certainly a big problem these days in the Western world. If we could all reduce our sodium intake and increase our excersie, we would all be in a better place, allowing our creativity and passions excel to greater heights.

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