Becoming A Certified Fitness Instructor

If you’re committed to daily workout, eating right diet, boosting body fitness and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, why not turn your passion into a viable income-generating profession?

Good communication skills and the ability to figure closely with other people may be a requirement for this career path, however if you have got these, you will be able to form cash by helping individuals get fit and improve the quality of their lives.

Career Opportunities and Salary

Certified fitness trainers will notice employment in health clubs, fitness centers, resorts and other venues that provide exercise classes. They additionally work at hospitals, universities and business offices. Many fitness trainers have their own studios or build house calls to work with shoppers one-on-one.

Fitness training is a quick-growing field given the increasing public interest in health, nutrition and exercise. Trainers at health clubs can expect a median income of $30,000, though prime earners build a lot of than $60,000. Fitness staff with specialized training in Pilates or yoga, or advanced degrees in physical education or exercise science will expect to earn higher salaries.

Fitness training programs cover human physiology and exercise techniques where they also offer data concerning assessing the precise fitness wants of purchasers, and developing and implementing exercise programs.

On-line courses supply coaching modules that permit you to check at your own pace, together with interactive CDs, DVD coaching videos, audio coaching courses and written modules. You’ll also receive sample exams to assist you prepare for the certification examination. Some training programs also supply workbooks and manuals on promoting and business, in case you would like to line up your own fitness center in the future.

Your NCCA certification should be renewed each two years. Many trainers take extra courses, attend conferences or submit papers to make their services more marketable.

Know your passion and become a fitness instructor now for a better future!

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4 thoughts on “Becoming A Certified Fitness Instructor

  1. Being a certified fitness instructor sure could be a fun job for the right person. The job lets you work out and stay healthy while sharing your insights with other people. That’s a great thing to get paid for.

  2. Thank you for the informative post on becoming a fitness instructor. Do you have any information of legal liabilities of such a position? My only worry about pursuing such a career is the chance of being sued by clients.


  3. This is a great suggestion, being a personal trainer is a wonderful way to earn a living, meet fascinating people and help others and if as said here you’re passionate about health and fitness you’re half way there.

    Ellie: Not sure about the US but in the UK you’d take out business insurance to offload the risk.


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