Shoulder Workouts at Home

Do you have got some weights or resistance bands? Great, home shoulder workout shouldn’t be a problem for you then!

As nowadays there is a lot of powerful home fitness equipment on the market you can do workout at home without going to gyms.

Front, lateral and bent over lateral raises are your options for shoulder workouts at home. Always remembering that by doing push ups you can train your anterior deltoids too.

Before starting your shoulder workout, ensure that you have appropriate equipment with you. A few sets of dumbbell weights such as Cap Barbell 40-Pound Dumbbell Set may be enough. Women can start out with two-pound, 3-pound or 5-pound dumbbell weights and men could wish to start out with slightly heavier weights. It’s useful to have dumbbells of varying weights so you can change the weight as you might become fatigued throughout your workout, or if you would like to increase the strength of the weights over time.

Toned and ripped shoulders perform super sets of each shoulder exercise to help achieve tights. Don’t rest in between sets of shoulder exercises or you can just rest for solely a few seconds in between sets. For each shoulder exercise you perform, you should be in a position to complete at least ten repetitions till you reach exhaustion and feel a small burn in your shoulder muscles. Perform every shoulder exercise at least 4 times during your shoulder workouts.

Begin in a standing position with one dumbbell in every hand, and your arms bent at a 90-degree angle and parallel to the floor. Slowly, raise your weights up toward the ceiling until your arms are nearly totally extended and your weights virtually touch each different. Slowly lower your weights back to the starting position and repeat the standing ought to press until you reach exhaustion. Then immediately move on to the rear deltoid fly exercise.

The second exercise is shoulder press. Lift the band is in front of your arms and keep your arms at right angles and your wrists straight throughout the entire exercise. Push the bands all the way up while not locking out the elbows and then go down till your hands are at your eye level.

The third exercise is the lateral raise. Slightly bend over with your butt out, back straight, and your abs tight. Begin along with your hands meeting in front of you, palms facing every other. Together with your arms slightly bent raise them till they’re parallel with the ground. Keep your elbows level together with your wrists when they are raised and keep your wrists straight.

Try these shoulder workouts at home and feel the results! However always make sure to practice workouts based on your ability in order to avoid any harmful circumstances.


Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it.

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