How to Cram as Much Protein as Possible into Your Diet

For people looking to gain muscle mass, protein is essential. So, how can you cram as much protein as possible into your diet?

Add Eggs to Your Breakfast

Incorporating eggs into your breakfast is a great way to increase the protein you consume as part of your diet.

It used to be thought that too many eggs can boost your cholesterol, but this idea has now been rejected. So, you should add two eggs to your breakfast each morning, and give yourself an early morning protein boost. You can get 7 grams of protein from two eggs.

Consume Plenty of Dairy

If you’re trying to build muscle, dairy products such as milk and cheese are important. If you ask me, the easiest way to cram more dairy and protein into your diet is to drink more milk. You could drink a glass of milk with each meal of the day and then you’d have a lot more protein in your diet. Milk also contains lots of calcium to help strengthen your body and bones.

Snack on Nuts and Seeds

We all have snacks here and there even if we think we shouldn’t. But don’t snack on biscuits or bags of crisps. Those things are no good for you, and they’ll simply damage your health. But there are snacks out there that are healthy and filled with protein. The perfect examples are nuts and seeds. Not only are they high in protein, but they’re also very good for your heart because they have unsaturated fatty acids in them.

Use Protein Powder Before Your Workout

Protein powder is a great way of pumping protein into your system before you start a workout. These powders are absorbed very quickly by your body, meaning that they’re perfect for taking just before you hit the gym. Make sure you do your research and find the best protein powder for you because there are a lot out there on the market. You should also buy from a retailer that has a good reputation too.

Eat Plenty of Meat or Fish After Your Workout

Eating after you workout is essential. It’s when your body is resting and building muscle. And it’s impossible to build muscle if you don’t have the protein (particularly the amino acids in protein) to do so. The best food to eat after a workout is, therefore, meat or fish. Salmon and tuna are good. But lean meats such as chicken can be great too. Make sure you have a big portion to help build your muscle mass.

Have Some Greek Yogurt Before Bed

Everyone likes yogurt, but don’t waste your money on ordinary yogurt when Greek yogurt is so much better for you. Greek yogurt has twice as much protein and twice as many calories as ordinary yogurt, so why not make the switch? It’s a simple change that can make a difference to how much protein you’re consuming. It’s also really cheap to buy, so you won’t have any trouble cramming it into your diet.

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