RunKeeper – The Personal Trainer in Your Pocket

So you have been running all this time. Do you know that there is an application that can help you in tracking your running exercises? It’s RunKeeper – a GPS fitness-tracking application launched in 2008 which currently supports more than 23 users.

RunKeeper is a free smartphone application which is available for iOS and Android and integrates with the internal engineered music perform of the phone and social networks including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.

This application allows smartphones track your running history – the same method used by athletic trainers. With RunKeeper, you can track your run, walks or hikes using the GPS function in your smartphone.

You can use RunKeeper to track fitness activities and view detailed statistics of your distance, pace and time while listening to them via headphones, listen and manage music, know your rate and take pictures while doing the activities. Plus this application:

  • tracks your performance over time
  • allows you to read the history of your activities
  • gives notifications for your new personal records and milestones & current progress over your goals
  • provides you with detailed plans and turns them into routes

RunKeeper also released an open API for outdoor developers to plug into RunKeeper users’ feeds where you can share your personal content with friends through posting activities, achievements and plans to Facebook and Twitter as well as let your friends watch live data of your workouts and runs.

This application also includes full iPod integration thus you can stay listening to your music library without leaving the application.

RunKeeper can help to make your workouts fun and simple to understand thus you can improve the standard of your fitness. For me this is the best app out there for runners. No matter if you are new to running or not, this application is something that you should look into.

Visit RunKeeper.com now to start!

The advancement of technology nowadays can associate your fitness programs and training - the only challenge now is to bring yourself to optimum fitness.

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